We’ve been living in the House for 17 days now, and while there has been a lot to adjust to, we (ok, I) feel like we were meant to be here. Its so comfortable for our family and even our furniture looks like it belongs. If you overthink it, its almost eerie…

That being said we do have a growing list of things that need to be repaired, adjusted, redone, etc. Certain aspects of the property have been neglected for a long time, and Sean and I just aren’t the type to let anything go undone. Our first major hurdle has been tackling the overgrown vegetation in the front, sides, and back yards. This might not seem like it should be high on the list of important projects, but we discovered saplings that had grown up into utility lines (that lead into the house), “widow makers” (trees that have fallen and are being held up by other tree’s branches, and only need a strong wind to bring them down), massive amounts of bittersweet vines that were choking the life out of some of the oldest trees on the property, AND oodles and oodles of mosquitoes and poison ivy (Sean and the kids are highly allergic to the latter, and I’m a walking bruised up pin-cushion for the former). So for our family it was imperative that we tackle these problem areas before we really get started working on the inside. I have to say, if a house could stand up straighter after a good clean-up, this one definitely is. Check out the picture gallery below for updated pictures of the outside, some candids of Sean doing the lion’s share of the labor, and pictures of some of the treasures that we’ve found as we’ve poked around inside and out.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PS… I know that there are some History fans out there that are as excited about digging into the home’s past as we are. Guess what we’re doing tomorrow morning?!



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